How To Display NFT Art

An NFT or a non fungible token is a new way for people to own and appreciate art. NFTs are a form of digital art, and if you own an NFT, you may want to display it in more ways than simply digitally.

How To Display NFT Art

Some NFT owners may wonder if physical display of their NFT collection is worthwhile, if even possible. We are here to tell you that you can display your NFT collection, and in more ways than one. 

Certain companies offer digital frames which blur the line between physicality and digitalization, while there are also display options on both sides of this extreme. Different forms may suit different people or different display environments.

In any case, physical and digital NFT galleries are the Louvre of the modern generation and can potentially revive a form of art appreciation that has become dusty by time. Let’s explore this cool and unique form of art together.

What Is An NFT?

Without getting into the nitty and gritty of the crypto world, a shorter definition of what an NFT is can help us understand why display can be important to some owners – more detailed explanations can be found elsewhere.

Put simply, a non fungible token is an image or a usable piece of art (in some form or another) that an owner can lay claim to through the blockchain. Moreover, through the blockchain someone can prove their ownership of a piece of digital art also. 

NFT’s can simply be an investment, an admiring purchase, or even be used as a special key to enter an event, digitally or otherwise. NFTs make art into something that is not only decentralized and clear on ownership, but also into more than something to simply gaze at.

Once you ‘own’ these pieces of art, whether that is a pair of gloves on CS:GO or a simple piece of digital art, you can do what you want with them. Namely, if you own it there are many different and unique ways to display such digital art. 

Next up we have listed some different unique ways to display an NFT, whatever it may be. 

How To Display An NFT In Real Life

The most obvious way you may want to display your NFT, perhaps, is in real life. Within real life, someone who remains skeptical about NFTs can appreciate the art with their actual eyes which they may prefer and may have more value to them.

Moreover, displaying the art in your house can make you feel like you are getting more out of the NFT than simply having it for investment.

If you have bought the NFT because you enjoy the art, you will get more value out of viewing it in real life rather than gathering dust in a digital wallet.

Technically, you don’t actually have to own an NFT to display it physically like this. Yet, with blockchain and proof of ownership that piece of digital art is not within your possession. Although, this can be a different matter.

Infinite Objects

This is a particularly cool NFT display that can feel very futuristic or like something you would see in a sci-fi flick. But behold how these images realize themselves in our own waking life.

Infinite Objects provide a 7” or 5” frame that can display a chosen video on loop. So, to be clear, this is a physical frame that can play a video almost like a hologram.

Clearly, this option of display is saved for those who have NFT videos, another advantage of NFTs within the art world. You can get this video to loop constantly on the digital frame as you wish.

You simply go on their website and choose an NFT, or upload an NFT from your own collection, and they ship it out to you – it’s that easy. An NFT display like this can look really cool and futuristic and can be a great talking piece within your house.

Meural Canvas

You may have heard of a company called Netgear before, but within the world of internet providers and wi-fi. Netgear are the team behind the Meural Canvas which is at the forefront of the physical NFT display market. 

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this option is the Meural app which allows you to cycle through your own NFT gallery within one frame.

In other words, you can change the NFT being displayed on your canvas however you may feel at that moment. There are also different display modes for different styles.

Moreover, just like Infinite Objects, you can display videos on your Meural Canvas too. While on Infinite Objects you can only display videos.

Meural can also change as it wants to, you are mainly buying the hardware and then linking it to your NFT wallet. Whereas Infinite Objects sends you a finished product.

Meural has a whole host of different sizes you can opt for including the much larger print sizes that are emblematic of an art gallery.

With this in mind, Meural can be quite expensive but is perhaps the best way to display your NFT gallery at home. 

Looking Glass Portrait

If you are looking for something that doesn’t adhere to the common photo frame, but provides a unique vessel that contains the unique art, then Looking Glass may be for you. 

Looking Glass is the cutting edge of NFT physical displays. Holograms have remained something unachievable without seriously expensive gear or external hardware such as VR headsets.

How To Display NFT Art

Looking Glass can turn your 3D NFTs into a physical hologram display that you can have in your own home. It works pretty well and the outcome is something that matches the progressive and unique features of NFT art.

You can only display 3D art of the Looking Glass Portrait, so if your NFT is not 3D consider another option.

Obviously, these are a little more expensive than your other options but you are paying for the cutting edge of 3D displays. We guarantee your money will see results, the finished product is pretty magical.

How To Display An NFT Online

NFTs are, by nature, a digital product. So, it makes sense that their home is perhaps best suited to be online. Moreover, more people will be able to view and enjoy your NFT when online, rather than physically. 

The choice of rarity over accessibility is ultimately your choice, you own the NFT after all. Here are some sites which focus on online NFT galleries.


Showtime is trying to create the Instagram of NFTs, and by that we mean they are creating a social media platform to display NFTs.

Users can interact with other NFT owners as well as liking other NFTs and reposting as you would in other social medias.

Anything that makes crypto, blockchain, and NFTs seem familiar and easy to use is a win in our book. Although, this social media approach can also mean that you can get more interaction out of your NFTs than simply people observing them in some online form. 

Lastly, these online galleries that focus on the social media aspect will actually do some serious good for the artist who create these NFTs, who are often forgotten about in the scramble for verifying ownership.


OpenSea combines both the necessity of a marketplace for NFTs to exist in combination with a gallery type format to display the digital art. 

While supporting artists and presenting the art in a digital space that is clean and pleasing, OpenSea is also the largest NFT marketplace currency in the world. Moreover, it is probably one of the more lucrative art marketplaces that exists right now, among both physical and digital art marketplaces. 

OpenSea is for both the art appreciationists and the financially nosey who enjoy viewing the bidding wars on the more expensive NFTs.

Essentially, if your NFT isn’t on OpenSea already, if this wasn’t the place you had bought the NFT, then what are you waiting for?

How To Display Your NFT Within The Metaverse

If you want to leave the physical world behind and go full digital consider the Metaverse; the Metaverse is the most digitized way to display your NFTs.

The Metaverse is essentially a virtual reality you can inhabit with your own avatars and basically anything. The concept is that you can macromise social networks into virtual networks you can inhabit.

If you don’t already know what the Metaverse is, you need to evaluate where you get your news from.


Decentraland, alongside having a seriously apt name, is the first virtual world that is owned purely by its owners. The beauty of blockchain has brought this virtual world into life and made it the crypto holy land. Just imagine ROBLOX but for crypto nerds.

The ‘game’ exists within your browser and is a 3D world where you can purchase virtual land, make friends, live a second digital life, and even display your virtual art. 

It seems we have come a long way from physically displaying your NFTs in real life, but when you can display your NFTs within your virtual house, for free, the physical world becomes a mere sparkle in the rearview mirror.

Decentraland is basically a social network you can crawl inside and call home. Displaying your NFT collection within Decentraland is pretty easy and cheap, as long as you have already purchased your VR system.

Now anyone from any country or destination, as long as they are a Decentraland user, can view your own NFT gallery that you literally built from bricks to frame.

If you want to create your own ‘physical’ gallery within this digital world, then you need to buy your own virtual land, this is a legitimate world with finite land, which isn’t cheap.

Although if you make the right friends you can show it in their gallery if they allow it. People often host NFT auctions within the virtual land of Decentraland.


If you want to know an alternative to Decentraland that is more focused on displaying NFTs than world building, Cryptovoxels may be perfect for you.

Cryptovoxels is a virtual world too, but you don’t really leave the walls of the virtual gallery. Moreover, Cryptovoxels is more focused on displaying NFTs within these digital worlds.

This provides a first person view where you can saunter around the NFT gallery just as you might in the Louvre or the Gugenheim.

Perhaps one drawback of Cryptovels is that you can only display NFTs, for sale or not, that are within the Ethereum blockchain.

Although, one seriously useful thing is that you can use it without, or with, a VR headset. Just like Decentraland the whole thing lives in your browser which means no massive download files.

In Summary

So, as u can see, one of the truly great features of NFTs, hate them or love them, is that there are so many fun, varied, and unique ways to display your art. There is never a more fun time to be a digital artist or to get into the art world. 

Forget the art capitals of the world, you can appreciate NFTs within the safety of your browser and the dissociation of a virtual world. This demonstrates just how far, and how much further, blockchain, digital art, and cryptocurrency can take us.

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