How To Close Crypto.Com Account

There are many reasons why you may want to close your account. You might not use the website as much as you used to, or you might think that cryptocurrencies aren’t of interest anymore.

How To Close Account

Whatever your reason, if you don’t want to use your account, there’s no point in keeping it active.

Before we dive in, you need to understand that you can’t get your account back after you’ve deleted it. If you change your mind, you’ll need to sign up for a new account again.

You also need to avoid losing any remaining balance, so spend or withdraw any leftover balance in your account before deleting it, or you could lose your assets for good.

Most websites allow you to close your account easily, but is a little different. If you’re struggling to close your account, keep reading. We’ll show you the steps needed to close your account for good.

Things You Need To Know Before You Delete Your Account

It’s easy to make a account, but deleting it takes a few more steps. has many advantages, like the signup bonus and currency search features, but there may be some reasons why you would want to delete your account.

No matter what your reasons are, you need to know some things before you close your account.

Your Data Will Be Stored

After you create a account, your information will remain on the platform. In most cases, your details will be kept for at least five years.

You need to understand that you can’t delete all of your data from the site. It can take over five years for the company to begin a complete deletion procedure.

You Need To Take Out Any Leftover Balances

As mentioned above, all leftover balances need to be withdrawn from the account before you close it.

Whether you choose to spend or transfer the assets to a bank, you need to withdraw the balances as soon as you can.

Before you do this, remember that has a minimum withdrawal limit.

If the remaining balance you have in your account is under the withdrawal limit, you may need to transfer the crypto to another wallet.

If you close your account before the balance is withdrawn, you’ll lose these assets forever.

Crypto.Com Visa Card Cancellation Fee

Closing your account means that you’ll need to cancel your Visa card.

An active Crypto account and the Visa card go hand in hand, so remember this before you close your accounts.

If you have an active card, you’ll have to pay a 50 US dollar fee to close the account, so make sure you have the money before you delete it.

How To Close Your Crypto.Com Account

Now we’ve covered the things you need to know before closing your account, we can get into the actual steps.

Remember that you can create new accounts later, but you can’t recover your account after you’ve deleted it.

Step 1: Withdraw Any Remaining Balances

Before you can start the deletion process you need to withdraw any leftover funds from your account.

If you wish, you can sell crypto on the app before closing your account. That will remove the assets so you won’t need to withdraw any before you delete the account.

We must stress, if you don’t withdraw your remaining balance before closing your account, your funds will be lost for good.

Step 2: Send A Deletion Request Email

How To Close Account

Now you need to send a deletion request email. You can only do this from the email address you registered to the site with.’s support won’t be able to follow the request if you use a different email address.

Go to your email provider’s website and log in to the registered email address you used to make your account.

Step 3: Send Necessary Information To

After you’ve logged into your email, you’ll need to send an email with the necessary information to

Unfortunately, there’s no other way to delete your account, so you will need to send this email.

You’ll need to take and send a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with written information. This includes:

The date you’re sending the email, which will be today’s date.
Your full name, which should be the same name registered to your crypto account.
Then you need to write ‘’ on the paper to finish the note. should never ask you for your account credentials or your password.

Now you need to write ‘Close Account’ in the email’s subject line, then send it off to

Don’t add any other words or phrases to the email’s subject line. The ‘Close Account’ phrase is necessary so the sorting algorithm can administrate your email.

Do make sure that your face is completely visible in the photo. It’s best to take this in good lighting to avoid shadows on the face.

Try to write the information down as clearly as you can. This needs to be handwritten, as typed details won’t pass the security measures.

Step 4: Wait For The Support Team To Answer

Now that you’ve sent the deletion request email, you need to wait for the support team to answer.

You can also contact support through chat. Press the hamburger icon on the app to bring up the menu, then find the chat symbol.

However, keep in mind that you can only delete your account by sending an email request.’s support team won’t accept any other forms of the deletion request.

The support team generally takes a day or two to respond.

Step 5: Remove All Crypto.Com Apps

Once the support team has let you know your account has been deleted, you can now remove the app from your smartphone’s storage.

After you’ve done this, you will have completed all the steps needed to close your account.


These were all the steps needed to close your account. Make sure you read our guidance before doing so to avoid any mishaps.

The most important thing you need to do before closing your account is to withdraw any remaining balances. This will ensure your funds won’t be lost after closing your account.

You also need to keep in mind that your data will remain stored on the system for at least five years.

If you have a Visa card, canceling your account will require a $50 closing fee to cancel the card too. Do make sure you have the correct sum before you begin the deletion process.

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