How To Activate Options On Robinhood

Trading stocks and ETFs is easy with Robinhood! You can get started for free today. Just follow these simple steps to start investing today.

How To Activate Options On Robinhood

How To Trade Options On Robinhood

You can easily access your account information from the main page. There is also a link to settings in the top right corner of the screen on both the desktop and mobile versions.

You need to open an account before you can start trading options. You can do this by clicking the link above.

Once you’ve enabled options trading, follow these steps to start any options trade. Click the magnifying glass icon. Browse securities. Type in your stock or ETF.

Now, type the name or ticker for the security you’re going to trade options around. Click on your search result.

When you click Trade, a drop-down menu appears. From there, click Trade Options. You can choose to buy or sell options.

How To Buy Calls On Robinhood

You should now see the following message: “You’re ready to trade! Click here to start trading!”

Strike prices should be selected carefully because they determine whether an option is profitable. A high strike price means that the option is more likely to expire worthless.

Therefore, it’s important to decide a low strike price.

Decide an expiration date for your option. You can pick any day of the week. Your expiration date should be some time after today.

The number of contracts you want to purchase affects your profit potential.

Each call option you buy represents a right, but not an obligation, to buy 100 shares of the underlying asset at a certain price.

Determine how much you want to invest, and enter that number into the text box on the order page.

Execute your trade.

How To Sell Call Options And Covered Calls On Robinhood

Sell Call Option: You should be selling calls if you want to make money. If you’re buying puts, you’re probably losing money.

Put simply, you’ll lose more money by being short an equity than you’ll gain by owning the stock.

If you’re looking to profit off of a decline in the market, you might consider selling put options instead.

Choose an expiration date. Next, decide how many contracts you want to sell. Then, set your price per share.

Execute Your Trade. Finally it’s time to execute the trade based on the criteria that you’ve set. Capped calls are call options that you sell on stocks you own.

So, in this case, all you’ll need is to follow these steps to sell capped calls on stocks that you own at least 100 shares.

How To Get Approved For Options On Robinhood

You’ll need to provide some personal info before you can get started with Robinhood. This includes things like your financial history, income, and other relevant information.

After submitting this information, Robinhood will evaluate your eligibility to start investing. Depending on how much information you provide, you may be approved for different levels of trading.

Level 2 allows you to do everything except short selling.

Level-three options trading allows customers to trade stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. You can trade both long and short positions. You can choose whether to use margin.

You can also use leverage.

How To Enable Options In Robinhood

Robinhood enables options trading by default. To enable options trading, you must answer some questions about your investing experience, knowledge, and relevant details.

Then, you can place your options trades.

You should be able to see the option’s details. Now, click on the “Options” tab. Then, select the “Exercise” tab. Finally, decide the “Buy” tab. This allows you to buy an option.

How To Get Quickly Approved For Options

The fastest way to get approved for Robinhood options is to answer positively to the questions asked when enabling options trading.

You should also have an excellent risk tolerance to improve your eligibility.

Options trading requires experience. You need to learn how to invest money wisely. Otherwise, you might lose everything.

Placing An Options Trade In App

You can now choose how much money you want to invest in this security.

Things To Consider When Choosing An Option

Strike prices are listed high to lower. You can scroll to see expirations later than today.

How To Activate Options On Robinhood

The price and percent change are listed at the top of the screen. The value shown is the market price. The +/- % change is the difference between the market price and the premium.

The break-even points are where the underlying security needs to be trading at expiration for you to make money on your investment.

The break-even percentage is how much the stock needs to go up for you to make money. The chance of profit is the likelihood your investment will turn into a profit.

Options Valuations And Mark Price

The value of the option is the market price. The market price is the average of the bid and ask prices. The market price is used to calculate the theoretical value of the option.

The market price is $0.01 if there are no buyers.


Robinhood Financial allows users to trade options without any restrictions. Their level 2 option strategy includes the ability to buy or sell calls and puts.

A long call is when you buy shares of stock. A covered call is when you sell shares of stock. A cash-covered put is when you sell stocks and then borrow money to pay for them.

You can also use this strategy to make sure your portfolio doesn’t fall too far if the market goes down.

Day Trades

Day trades are always the same contracts. When you buy and sell the same option contract on the same day, it’s called a day trade. You could also say that day trades are always the same contract.

Trading Options On Robinhood

Robinhood started an effect that changed the whole industry. In fact, there was a name for this effect: “The Robinhood Effect”. This effect caused other companies to lower their fees.

They also support multiple-leg orders, spreads, and strangulation.

Options Overview

Options are derivative contracts that give the buyer the right but not the obligation to purchase or sell an underlying security at a certain price by a specific date.

Options are used as insurance against losses in stocks or bonds.

When you buy an option contract you do not have ownership, but you do have the right to buy or to sell something at a certain price. You can exercise your options by buying or selling shares.

Call Options

Options contracts give you the right to purchase a particular number of shares at a specified price over a given time frame. You call them up from across the room, and they arrive.

Call options are similar to buying shares of a company. You are biased towards the share price going up.

Put Options

A put option gives you the right to sell stock at a specific price over some period of time. You can think of this as putting something out on the market.

Things To Consider When Trading Options On Robinhood

You should know what you’re doing. Options are a dangerous beast in the trading world. You should be aware of the risks involved when trading options.

You should also know your instruments well.

Options trading can be very profitable, but there are risks involved. Many people lose money in the options market. You should always take precautions when trading.


Options trading is a very profitable business. While it might be confusing learning how to enable options on Robinhood, hopefully this guide has made things easier for you!

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