Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2020

Below is the list of the top 50 fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the last 24 hours. You can find more about such coins by going to the coin details page and find whether it is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2020 or not.

Please make sure to Only invest what you can afford to lose, Crypto is a very risky investment so it always suggested buying coins after proper research.

1GameCredits   [GAME]70624.00398.65%
2DWS   [DWS]115416.0094.56%
3Uquid Coin   [UQC]6208941.0075.81%
4Pigeoncoin   [PGN]138102.0052.20%
5Beetle Coin   [BEET]113562.0051.95%
6Quark   [QRK]208351.0050.34%
7SoMee.Social   [ONG]42861.0041.93%
8carVertical   [CV]134101.0041.84%
9CREDIT   [CREDIT]190192.0037.64%
10Tokenomy   [TEN]649322.0034.33%
11IPChain   [IPC]561486.0033.06%
12Pibble   [PIB]510165.0032.01%
13DeepCloud AI   [DEEP]32120.0031.38%
14Penta Network Token   [PNT]57025.0031.23%
15ngot   [NGOT]614786.0029.52%
16IHT Real Estate Protocol   [IHT]52067.0025.63%
17Bitcoin Rhodium   [XRC]107865.0024.61%
18Borderless   [BDS]83719.0021.62%
19Kadena   [KDA]5315221.0020.25%
20xDAI Stake   [STAKE]2487878.0018.86%
21Ormeus Coin   [ORME]359858.0017.70%
22MobileGo   [MGO]4740545.0017.26%
23Actinium   [ACM]809664.0017.17%
24sharder protocol   [SS]367556.0016.05%
25THEKEY   [TKY]67002.0014.51%
26Zilliqa   [ZIL]171534150.0014.27%
27Ferrum Network   [FRM]601803.0013.63%
28Docademic   [MTC]488601.0012.96%
29Reddcoin   [RDD]114521.0012.89%
30BEAM   [BEAM]81886990.0012.74%
31Aion   [AION]6921833.0012.59%
32Elrond   [ERD]9067206.0012.34%
33Wanchain   [WAN]3517797.0011.18%
34Gifto   [GTO]23803623.0010.84%
35Haven   [XHV]153829.0010.57%
36Commerce Data Connection   [CDC]33762.0010.39%
37Bottos   [BTO]344097.009.77%
38SunContract   [SNC]534158.009.63%
39ZcCoin   [ZCC]163722.009.29%
40Ocean Protocol   [OCEAN]5210000.009.16%

The above list can give you a short idea about cryptocurrency to explode in 2020, and you can take decision accordingly.