Why Telegram based Coin Bitsum[BSM] is Future CryptoCoin

Bitsum is also an altcoin in cryptocurrency market. It was the first cryptocurrency developed by Uzbekistan. The main and unique feature of Bitsum is its platform because it uses Telegram messenger as the platform for mining or trading of the coin. People are mostly interested in this type of new and different featured coins on the market.

Bitsum: Bitsum is the first cryptocoin which uses social messenger as the platform for the transactions. It is a decentralized and open source that uses cryptonote algorithm and anyone can take part in coin’s development or new innovations to coin. Transfer option and processing of transactions in Bitsum is so easy when compared to other currencies. It is easy to get out of Bitsum by simply closing the page.

Messenger based Cryptocoin:

The main feature of the Bitsum coin is using Telegram as the platform to it. Messenger, we all know we use different types of messengers in our daily life and we feel it is easy to work on it also. Based on this, Bitsum applied this technique for easy transactions and trading of a coin. It is very easy to create an account on telegram messenger for the trading or transaction of Bitsum altcoin.
When compared to other cryptocoins the mode of payments and transactions are somehow is difficult. But in case of Bitsum, it is very easy to use messenger for lightening transactions like receiving or transferring money through messenger within few minutes. Bitsum is the first messenger based coin and we know that people mostly like to choose easy and graspable ways. Messengers are friendly to all generations that’s why people can easily get attracted to Bitsum.

How to use Telegram in Bitsum?

It is very easy to use telegram as the mode of payment for Bitsum. First of all, you have to create a wallet in Bitsum in order to trade or exchange Bitsum coins in Telegram messenger. When you required creating a wallet in Telegram you have to visit create wallet option in Bitsum platform or you can get in Telegram Bitsum Online Wallet and then you have to select Bot that appears on the screen.
After completion of this process just click the start button and then your wallet will be created. You can use this wallet to check balance, to transfer coin to exchange or to another wallet. All this process will be held on Telegram messenger and there will be no delay of transactions.

Easy transactions through messenger:

Everyone likes easy ways to follow and in the same manner, people are mostly interested in messengers by chatting on Facebook, WhatsApp etc. By using Telegram messenger we can transfer or trade Bitsum coin as simple as we chat daily with our friends. It is very easy to do transactions in messenger but first of all, we have to register on Bitsum wallet. After registering on wallet we can easily do our transactions without disturbance.
In telegram there will be an availability of Bitsum wallet by entering into it we can start our transactions easily. By entering into wallet there will be three options at the bottom and they are Balance, Transfer and Contacts. we can check our balance in Balance tab and can transfer coin through Transfer option to exchange or to other wallets by entering wallet address of others and then by just clicking on Approve option money can be transferred easily. The process of doing transactions in messenger is so easy when compared to different other coins.
Processing of transactions on the messenger is easy when compared to some coins because they follow transfer option by using banks or other wallets as the mode of payment and it takes time. Bitsum is not enough with Telegram and it developing to use other messengers like Facebook and Skype also as its platform.

Best features to choose Bitsum:

 The anonymity of the coin, it secures the transactions of the customers not to get stolen. It uses ring signature to secure the details of the transactions which came across.
 Bitsum protects the data with high security. Data protection of the details of customers and transactions in Bitsum is safely secured and protected.
 Accurate speed transactions. In Bitsum, transactions will be processed within a few minutes due to the usage of the messenger as a wallet to the coin.
 Bitsum is decentralized currency and it will be secured by CryptoNote algorithm. The transactions are fast and secured.
 Tracing of transactions is highly difficult. Transactions in Bitsum are untraceable with unlinkable features from different data generators. Bitsum is mostly known as untraceable transactions.

Mining of Bitsum:

Bitsum is mined by using POW algorithm by the CryptoNight mode. In Bitsum, both CPU and GPU mining takes place with the help of AES and SHA-3 encryption models. The technology used in mining for the protection of Bitsum is known as ASIC.
Programs for mining are
1. CPU windows x32 and x64
2. GPU AMD windows x32 and x64
3. GPU NVIDA(CUDA8) Windows x64
4. GPU NVIDA(CUDA9) Windows x64

An algorithm of Bitsum:

The algorithm that used in Bitsum is CryptoNote. An algorithm is the main factor in the case of cryptocoins to establish a coin or to mine a coin. The algorithm used in Bitsum is open technology that will help to generate a number of anonymous cryptocurrencies. Algorithm protects the payment details and the security will be used in during of mining is ASIC.

Benefits of Bitsum:

There are so many benefits are equipped with the Bitsum coin. Decentralization of the coin affects the full control over the investment and the anonymity of Bitsum is so secured due to its application of high security.
Transactions are easily get accessed by using messenger as the wallet and the speed of transactions are fast within few minutes. The algorithm that used in Bitsum makes not to enter any third party. The features of Bitsum is quite different from other and people are mostly attracting by its feature of the messenger as a wallet. It is under development may it comes with new features and developments most uniquely.

Specifications of Bitsum:
Algorithm= CryptoNote
Maximum supply = 1.8 Billions
Pre-mine value = 4 Millions
Transaction fee = 0.0001 SUM

Price of BITSUM[BSM]

Current price is very low when we compare with above feature, many coins with this amount of supply have value above 100 satoshi,but BITSUM minimum price is 10 satoshi, so its a very good oppournity to buy this coin and hold for atlest 1 year because , they are working on upgrading technology.