Bitsum vs Verge Which is Best Privacy Coin

Verge V/S Bitsum Verge and Bitsum are the two new cryptocurrencies entered the market and in this article complete description about these two coins was given. In this, the differences and advantages between these two coins verge and Bitsum were completely explained. Verge: It is a cryptocurrency was designed for everyday use and it was … Continue reading “Bitsum vs Verge Which is Best Privacy Coin”

Difference between Coin and Token in Cryptocurrency

In cryptocurrency, coin and token are the factors that confuse people with their differences in cryptocurrency market. For the beginners, of cryptocurrency followers may get confused by this two factors. There is a slight difference between a coin and token and by this described article beginners can resolve their doubts. What is Coin : The … Continue reading “Difference between Coin and Token in Cryptocurrency”