Medically Oriented Cryptocurrency Medic Coin

A Medic coin is a new different and unique coin in the cryptocurrency market. The Medic coin is a medical and commercial based cryptocurrency with the scrypt algorithm and GPU folding. The Medic coin is associated with masternodes and masternode operators will receive a part of PoS block rewards.

Detailed explanation of Medic Coin:

The Medic coin is totally different from all cryptocurrency coins. This Coin adopts OpenEMR and it will be helpful to both doctors and patients. The developers of the coin are adding a steroid to OpenEMR and it will be ten times more than the present one. OpenEMR is in the form of Medic EMR to allow Medic coin as payment for both doctors and patients to receive. In one word, Medic coin is a cryptocurrency which is used for the medical purpose or commercially. It is the one and only coin which is valuable for both medical and commercial.

The developers of Medic coin is striving hard to bring Medic phone, TeleMedicine app which allows the patient to consult an online doctor by using Medic coin. The Medic phone includes with Medic EMR to have the complete medical record of the patient. This coin is very helpful to patients mostly rather than commercial purpose.
We are allowed to mine, masternode, stake, and harvest in the Medic coin. The algorithm that is using in Medic coin is scrypt algorithm through proof of work we can earn 77 coins for each block. We can own 159.2 MEDIC by Medic coin’s masternode and by staking we can hold 39.8 coins. By sharing our computing power towards Stanford University’s Folding we can get MEDIC rewards.

What is Medic EMR?

Medic EMR is a branch of OpenEMR. The team of the coin added OpenEMR and provided support and to integrate OpenEMR with Medic coin in order to create Medic Coin ecosystem. Users can able to use medic coin between OpenEMR and Medic EMR. Here listed some properties that will benefit MedicEMR by the software of OpenEMR.
Advanced Scheduling: It regulates daily scheduling in clinics to create continuation events, regular check-in, and patients reminders to follow.

E-Prescribing: When we proceed a prescription in the counter. It will automatically transfer to the patient’s pharmacy electronically. This processing is known E-prescription.
Medical Billing: Medical data of the patient will be updated regularly.
Lab Integration: The patient’s lab orders will automatically send to the lab and the results will be enrolled in the patient’s chart automatically.
Multilingual Support: The Medic EMR is available in overall 30 languages and it is customizing to add more. These are the few among the different features.

Medic EMR is an open source EMR with Blockchain properties. By integrating the payment system of the Medic coin, patients can pay their payment to the doctors. If patients keep their blood pressure and diabetes in control doctors will reward them through Medic coin. Pharmaceutical companies can proceed their payments to doctors in Medic coin for data mining.

Telemedicine app:

The developers of Medic coin introduced Telemedicine app for the Medic coin and there are so many uses for this app in Medic coin. In several ways, Telemedicine is providing their services to patients to reduce healthcare cost. The Telemedicine will provide remote services to patients like telepathology, teleradiology etc. Through Telemedicine app we can take an appointment and not needed to wait for a long time.

This Telemedicine app is available for 24/7 and doctors are also available we can speak to them in anytime. This app is accessible to desktop, mobile, or tablet. Telemedicine is fully integrated with Medic EMR we can use the services of EMR also through this app. We can use Medic coin as payment on this app.

Charity of Medic coin:
Medic coin contributes to scientific research and donations. Medic coins provide Medic rewards if you donate your computing power to Stanford University’s [email protected] project. This coin assists scientists researches like cure medicine to diseases such as diabetes, MLS, Alzheimer’s etc. It will sponsor many charity events like providing microloans through Kiva and sponsoring children in different events through Children International.

Their good motivation is “Do Good Things. Make Life Better.” The Medic coin is sharing their worth to many charity and helping in scientist research.

Masternode creation:

It is very easy to create a masternode by creating a file and copying the masternode of Medic coin into the created file. The first step we have to do is just extract the MedicCoin folder. After unzipping it you will see command file it contains information of the MedicCoin. Then we have to copy the file from the master coin to the folder we have already created. Just wait until the masternode sync after syncing successfully we can create the address on masternode.
After all this process you have to generate a key for Medic coin. On the console, one command will appear and this command will help you to generate the private key and this key must be copied and paste to your masternode file. This the process of creating masternode and we can use it as a wallet to the coin.

Roadmap of the coin:

The roadmap of the Medic coin is started from the year of 2017 and it was designed up to 2019 July. The developments and technologies that are added and going to add to the coin are clearly explained in the roadmap of the coin.

The Year 2017: The origin of the roadmap has started from the year of 2017 and only the establishment of the Medic coin website and the network was started in the month of December 28.

The Year 2018: In the year of 2018 so many changes were brought to the coin. In the month of January, Medic coin wallets are started which are easily accessible to Windows, Mac, and Linux wallets and Medic coin were announced in social media like Bitcointalk, Facebook etc. In the month of February, they created a paper wallet to the coin containing coin private keys etc., and Medic coin was listed in the first exchange. And lastly, they released an Android wallet to the coin.

In the month of March, again they listed the coins to second exchange and in the month of April, they are going to start the Medic EMR Alpha server. The Medic EMR Beta will be released in the month of June and by the ending of June, they are going to activate CPU/GPU Stanford [email protected] protein folding project.
In the month of July, they are going to release the final Medic EMR. Hiring of 10 merchants in September to coin network and integrating the Medic Coin payments to allow patients to pay coins as payment. Finally, they are going to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Medic coin as payment in the month of October.
They are going to release the Medic phone alpha in the month of November this will make patients free to communicate with doctors. In the month of December, they are going to Medic Phone Telemedicine Beta. These are the total developments that are going to add to the coin.

The Year 2019: In the year of 2019 they are releasing their last Medic Phone and again they will recruit 25 merchants to the coin network these two developments will be carried on January and February.
They will list their coin on the exchange of Poloniex or Binance in the month March. They will accept the debit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Medic coin for the payment in the month of April. Finally according to the roadmap of Medic coin swapping between Litecoin and Medic coin.
Complete details of the road map of Medic coin was explained from the beginning to end. The complete technologies and developments that are added and going to add were explained in the road map of the Medic coin.

If we observe the roadmap of the Medic Coin it is new and upcoming coin but it will be the best coin in medical and scientific research. Because it donates and encourages the scientific inventions like a cure for diseases. It is working for a good cause and unique coin in the cryptocurrency. It will mainly helpful to the patients to use it as a payment mode.