Top Cryptocurrency Frauds in India

Cryptocurrency is the trending one in currency market of India. Many people don’t know about complete details about cryptocurrency. In India there was slight confusion is cryptocurrency is legalized or not. But in small span, some big frauds was taken place in Cryptocurrency market in India. Let’s know the scam details of Cryptocurrency in India. … Continue reading “Top Cryptocurrency Frauds in India”

How to Market or Pump Cryptocurrency for High Profits

Promoting a coin in the cryptocurrency market is so easy but earning results is so hard to get fruitful results. Some serious steps and measures to be followed to get the best results while doing promotion of the coin. There are different techniques to get the best results to the promoted coin and the techniques … Continue reading “How to Market or Pump Cryptocurrency for High Profits”

Popular Telegram Chat Bots for Cryptocurrency

Telegram messenger is spreading its kingdom all over the technical giants. Telegram already traded a grade mark of using telegram as a wallet to cryptocurrency coin. Now in telegram, we can use chatbots to know the updates of cryptocurrency markets. Here the list of five chatbots from telegram messenger to know the regular updates that … Continue reading “Popular Telegram Chat Bots for Cryptocurrency”

Medically Oriented Cryptocurrency Medic Coin

A Medic coin is a new different and unique coin in the cryptocurrency market. The Medic coin is a medical and commercial based cryptocurrency with the scrypt algorithm and GPU folding. The Medic coin is associated with masternodes and masternode operators will receive a part of PoS block rewards. Detailed explanation of Medic Coin: The … Continue reading “Medically Oriented Cryptocurrency Medic Coin”

Why Telegram based Coin Bitsum[BSM] is Future CryptoCoin

Bitsum is also an altcoin in cryptocurrency market. It was the first cryptocurrency developed by Uzbekistan. The main and unique feature of Bitsum is its platform because it uses Telegram messenger as the platform for mining or trading of the coin. People are mostly interested in this type of new and different featured coins on … Continue reading “Why Telegram based Coin Bitsum[BSM] is Future CryptoCoin”